Rammer Hire Biloela

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Rammers work great when compacting cohesive soils because of the size of the plate. The smaller plate size allows for more focused and direct compaction, which comes in handy on soils that require more force to properly compact. Because of their slim upright design, rammers are also great for trenches and tight spots where compactors aren’t as easy to manoeuvre. Rammers have the ability to compact a deeper amount of soil than a plate compactor because the force from the plate is more direct. Therefore, more soil can be added to each layer which can make the process of filling and compacting a hole or trench, much faster.

Available Rammer Hire Biloela Models and Sizes

Rammer - Petrol - 70kg

  • Petrol
  • 230x330mm base plate
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Rammer - Petrol - 75kg

  • Petrol
  • 285x340mm base plate
  • Narrow base also available
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Rammer - Diesel - 84kg

  • Diesel
  • 280x330mm base plate
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