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Compaction Equipment

Flexihire has a huge range of compaction equipment that will suit any construction site, large and small, or any job needing specific ground preparation. Our range of plate compactors, vibrating rammers, rollers and tractors ensures you get the job done right and safely, every time. All self propelled, driver operated rollers are fitted with certified Roll Over Protection Structure canopies, ensuring operator safety. We have plate compactors - also known as wacker packers - that are easy to use and perfect for brick paving, footing preparation and trench projects. For backfill work in trenches or where obstacles are present, our vibrating rammers are the answer with their easy manoeuvrability. For applications requiring a roller, from smoothing out a lawn to levelling roadworks, utility trenches and sub-bases for foundations, choose from our twin drum rollers, multi tyre rollers, padfoot rollers and trench rollers. All machinery meets current OH&S safety regulation requirements.


Plate Compactors and Rammers