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Enjoy a comfortable, convenient, and affordable temporary office space by hiring one of Flexihire’s low-cost mobile office trailers in Brisbane. Whenever you need temporary space to get work done, Flexihire can equip you with a modern, aesthetic, and feature-packed mobile office trailer at a competitive rate.

Mobile office trailers, mobile crib vans, and work caravans are all portable office spaces mounted on a trailer, ready to be transported to different worksites. A mobile office space gives you an insulated and spacious portable office where you can get important work done away from the dust and noise of most worksites.

A mobile office trailer serves as an excellent command centre from which you can easily carry out the administration of a worksite in a clean and organised environment. Get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable Flexihire team via our contact form or on 1300 353 944 to get a quote for mobile office trailer hire from one of our branches across Greater Brisbane

Available Mobile Office Trailers – Mobile Office Trailer Hire Models and Sizes

Work Caravans Outback Explorer Series 9 Site Office

Work Caravans is an industry leader in commercial site office caravans with a strong reputation for quality. At Flexihire, we’re proud to carry the impressive Outback Explorer Series 9 Site Office available for hire now. Mobile office trailers manufactured by Work Caravans meet strict specifications for quality and durability. Work Caravan’s mobile offices exceed their quality control standards and cope even in the most challenging environments thanks to their sturdy design. The Outback Explorer Series 9 Site Office is a full-package solution to your workspace needs, delivering:

  • Two large office desks
  • Two whiteboards
  • Two toilets
  • Large kitchen area with microwave and freezer

Keep reading to learn more about the specific features and benefits of this mobile office trailer. If you’d like to get a price estimation, contact our team via the link below.


  • Galvanised Dual Rail RHS Steel Frame
  • High Wind Tie-down Points
  • 2 Toilets & 600 Litres Waste Storage Tank
  • Steel Kitchen Bench, Microwave & Hot Water Sink
  • Dometic 216 Litre Fridge Freezer
  • Dometic Harrier Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner with Remote
  • Crimesafe Stainless Steel Security Screen & Laminated Safety Glass Windows
  • Galvanised Steel Fold-up Stairs
  • Colorbond Sheeted External Doors
  • 600 Litres Fresh Water Storage
  • Kubota GL6000 Diesel Generator


  • External Cabin Length: 8500mm
  • Drawbar Length: 1750mm
  • Total External Length: 10250mm
  • Width Including Stairs & Lighting: 2480mm
  • Height including Air Conditioner: 3350mm
  • Approximate Weight (Dry): 3600kg
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Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Office Trailer/Mobile Crib Van

To manage all the activities on the average worksite, you need office space. Where permanent office space is unavailable, mobile office trailers give you an easy way to set up a functional and spacious work area with office storage, toilets, kitchen areas, and more. Mobile office trailers give you a comprehensive solution to your office space needs. For most medium to large worksites, a portable office trailer is essential for administration tasks to be completed efficiently and serves as an important central hub for workers to gather. Using a mobile office trailer will save time and money otherwise spent trying to manage without one. There is simply no substitute for a high-quality mobile office trailer for managing a job site or outdoor event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile office trailer?

A mobile office trailer is a pre-fabricated office space that sits on top of a trailer base, allowing it to be towed from one job site to another. Mobile office trailers provide a temporary interior work area and may also contain kitchen or bathroom facilities.

How much is a mobile office trailer?

A mobile office trailer can cost upwards of $100,000, depending on its features and specifications. Many choose to hire office trailers as they need them for the duration of the project their working on. The cost of hiring an office trailer will depend on its quality and how long it is required.

Can you live in a mobile office trailer?

While you could technically live in a mobile office trailer, it’s not designed for permanent occupancy and is not an appropriate use for hiring one. Office trailers are designed for professional use and do not make good homes.

How much does a mobile mini office cost?

The cost of a mobile mini office will depend on its features and specifications. Other factors, such as whether the office trailer is new or used, will also influence the price.

How much is a job site trailer?

How much you pay for a job site trailer will vary according to its size, features, quality of build components, and much more. The cost of hiring a job site trailer is determined by the quality of the equipment and how long you need to use it.

How long do mobile office trailers last?

The average life expectancy of a mobile office trailer is between 5-10 years, depending on how frequently it is used.

How many square feet are mobile offices?

How many square feet a mobile office trailer is will vary depending on the model and manufacturer. The Work Caravans Outback Explorer Series 9 has an approximate square footage of 273.62 ft².

Do office trailers have bathrooms?

Not all office trailers will have bathrooms built into them, but the best value ones will. The mobile office trailer you hire from Flexihire will have two bathrooms built into it with a 600L waste tank.

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