Gardening & Lawn Care

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Flexihire has a large range of gardening and lawn care products to keep your yard in pristine condition all year round. Whether you are looking to bring your backyard to life with a DIY makeover or you are a full time professional catering to commercial gardening and lawn care customers Flexihire has all the tools and equipment to ensure you get a professional result. Flexihire’s gardening range will allow you to take on any task in the yard including trimming up those overgrown shrubs with a petrol powered hedge trimmer, removing those hard to reach branches with an extendable pole saw or installing an underground watering system with one of our walk behind irrigation trenchers.

Available Models and Sizes

Lawn Mowers

Rollers & Aerators

Garden Mulchers

Garden Tillers

Telescopic Polesaws

Misting & Backpack Sprayers


Fertilising Equipment

Wire Strainers

Edgers, Rakes, Shovels, Crowbars, Mattocks

Star Picket Drivers & Removers

Trench Shovels & Post Hole Shovels