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Our new Portable Building fleet can be fitted out as site offices or lunchroom packages and optioned with a wide range of accessories to achieve the desired level of crew comfort. Energy efficient with extra insulation and tinted windows to keep you cool in hot climates, our portable buildings come in three sizes: 6m x 3m, 9.6m x 3m and 12m x 3m. The Flexihire team has the resources and capability to deliver fit for purpose facilities up to and including installed site compounds. View and download our Portable Building Range brochure.

Available Portable Buildings Models and Sizes

Flexihire Portable Buildings

With over 40 years of experience supplying worksites and events around Queensland, Flexihire knows portable buildings. This accumulated knowledge has helped us manufacture our range of portable buildings designed specifically with the requirements of our customers in mind. Our energy-efficient portable buildings come with extra insulation and tinted windows to keep you and your team comfortable even on the hottest days. They can be fitted out with site offices or lunchroom packages and optioned with a range of accessories to maximise convenience. Flexihire’s portable buildings come in three sizes: 6m x 3m, 9.6m x 3m, and 12m x 3m, so there’s something to suit any need.


  • 75mm insulated wall panels with 100mm roof
  • C2 wind rating (for use in all areas of QLD)
  • LED Lighting
  • Double pole electrical switches and breakers
  • Easy connect electrical plugs
  • Window security bars & door locks
  • Wall mount air-conditioning
  • Crane lifting points
  • 950mm door width for easy access
  • Lunchroom & office packages
  • High-quality stainless steel kitchenette’s available
  • Range of accessories
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Why Hire A Flexihire Portable Building?

Portable buildings offer a wide range of benefits to you and your team, no matter what type of project you’re managing. The most obvious benefit of a transportable building is that you can move it around as needed, thanks to the crane lifting points built into it. This means that as the project changes and develops, you can move your facilities as required.

Another benefit of modular office cabins and transportable buildings is that they deliver a secluded, insulated space away from the hustle and bustle outside. Without portable offices of some kind, it would be challenging to get administration work done at busy construction sites or outdoor events. They also make for excellent break rooms that allow employees to spend some time indoors.

When equipped with a kitchenette and electrical outlets, a transportable building becomes an important hub for your workers to gather and organise around. Your team will appreciate having these modern facilities, especially if you’ve also invested in portable toilets or toilet blocks.

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Why choose Flexihire's Australian-Made portable buildings?

At Flexihire, connecting customers with the right equipment at a great price is what we’re all about. In designing our new range of portable buildings, our focus has been on creating something that exceeds our customers’ expectations both in terms of quality and affordability.

When you choose a portable building from Flexihire, you’re getting the latest and greatest from a provider who understands your needs. On top of giving you a great price, the Flexihire team is always happy to answer any questions you have about the product.

Get in touch with Flexihire today so we can discuss your portable building needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a portable building?

Portable buildings, also known as demountable or transportable buildings, are prefabricated (pre-made) structures designed to be moved around rather than fixed to a permanent spot. They are typically transported on a large trailer bed and can be positioned with a crane.

What can you use portable buildings for?

Portable buildings can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from providing office space on a construction site to serving as a first-aid station at outdoor events. They can be fitted out in various ways to provide workspace, eating areas, accommodation facilities, and more.

How does a portable building differ from a mobile site office trailer?

A portable building is smaller and less robust than a mobile office trailer, which is designed to provide an all-in-one site office solution, including toilet facilities. A mobile office trailer is a cost-effective option when a comprehensive site office is needed. A mobile office trailer is also towable, whereas a portable building is not.

How much does it cost to hire a portable building?

The cost of hiring a portable building depends on the size and features of the product, as well as how long you plan to use it. A larger cabin with more features will cost more to hire per day than a smaller cabin with fewer features.

What are Dongas?

Dongas are modular, transportable buildings typically used as demountable classrooms or workers accommodation on job sites. They are typically maintained and delivered to customers by an equipment hire firm like Flexihire.

How much does a portable cabin cost?

A standard portable cabin can cost anywhere between $25,000 to $50,000 outright, which is why most commercial customers choose to hire them as needed. Depending on how often your business uses a portable cabin, it may be more economical to hire one rather than purchase it.

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