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When your job requires a compact and perfectly flat surface, you’re going to need a roller. Whether you’re flattening concrete for roadworks, preparing the foundation of a new building, or simply smoothing out a lawn, the Flexihire team can provide you with several competitive equipment hire options.

We have a comprehensive array of high-performance rollers for hire from our Rockhampton branch. Each roller in our fleet is well-maintained to the manufacturer’s standard, ensuring that the chance of an on-site breakdown is minimised.

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What Type of Roller Do I Need?

To ensure the long-term performance of a compacted surface, you need to use the correct type of roller. Using the wrong equipment will leave you with a surface that isn’t properly compacted, causing the material to shift over time and lead to expensive repairs being needed later.

Thankfully, Flexihire has rollers suited to every type of job. Our equipment hire experts can help you choose the right option for your project and give you a great price for however long you need it.

Our range includes single and double drum rollers suitable for heavy industrial use, to small pedestrian and trench rollers perfect for compacting small areas. Flexihire also carries high-tonnage and high-vibration models ideal for compacting surfaces like bitumen or asphalt.

If you don’t know what equipment is best for your needs, speak with our team of experienced operators. We’ll discuss your project and recommend the best gear, taking into consideration your budget and the scope of the work.

How to Choose a Roller

When selecting a roller, you need to think about:
● The material you are compacting
● How much compaction is required
● What amount of weight the surface will need to support
● The size of your working space

Our equipment hire experts can discuss these considerations with you and help you determine the right roller hire option. Keep reading for a brief breakdown of each type of roller and what jobs they are appropriate for.

Single Drum Padfoot Rollers
These lightweight rollers are best used for low-to-medium intensity jobs. They are mainly used to compact subgrade soils for roads, pavement, trenches, and jobs where clay and silts are used. The roller is designed to knead the soil as it travels over the surface, pushing out pockets of air and increasing density/stability.
Browse our range of single drum rollers.

Smooth Single Drum Rollers
A single smooth drum roller works well for compacting coarse or non-cohesive substances like gravel, sand, and loam. They are useful for compacting roads and industrial areas with heavy traffic because the weight and vibration create a higher-density surface.
Browse our range of single drum rollers.

Smooth Double Drum Rollers
Because it has two drums, a double drum roller compacts the surface in two places. They are useful for compacting asphalt and other fine granular materials for roadworks, schoolyards, footpaths and more.
Browse our range of double drum rollers.

Pedestrian Rollers
Pedestrian rollers work in a similar way to double drum models, although their compact size makes them useful in small work areas like sidewalks and playgrounds.
Browse our range of pedestrian rollers.

Mini Padfoot Trench Rollers
Mini Padfoot rollers are designed for narrow areas like trenches and can be controlled remotely.
Browse our range of trench rollers.

Multi Tyre Rollers (Pneumatic)
The vertical oscillation generated by multi tyre rollers makes them great at levelling out uneven surfaces. They are typically employed to finish and seal road bases and granular soils.

Browse our range of multi tyre pneumatic rollers.



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Compaction Equipment Hire Rockhampton
Compaction Equipment Hire Rockhampton
Compaction Equipment Hire Rockhampton
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