VMS Electronic Signs

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Hire a variable message sign from Flexihire today. Our 16 branches in Brisbane and throughout Queensland and northern NSW  have your electronic sign needs covered. Fast delivery to all areas. A must for all aspects of traffic management, roadworks and important emergency information, our solar-powered VMS boards are manufactured from a hot galvanized steel structure with MIG welded trailer, anti-UV surface with 12V voltage. Features SMS Programming from your mobile phone with GPS tracking on Google Maps and 3G connection with remote control via the internet. Other features include hydraulic mast lifting system, 120Ah gel deep cycle batteries, 3 x 150W Solar Panels and a 30amp Solar Controller included, as well as the user-friendly online software, auto dimming photocell and safety wheel chain for locking. Call today for a quote.

Available VMS Electronic Signs Models and Sizes

Amber Solar Powered Electronic Message Boards

5 Colour Solar Powered Electronic Message Boards

LED (240V) Electronic Sign Boards