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Want to go the extra mile with your on-site bathroom facilities? Hire one of Flexihire’s feature-packed, expertly maintained, and durable toilet blocks in Rocklea. Our knowledgeable team will give you a competitive quote for toilet block hire from our Rocklea branch. We’ll help you provide your worksite employees or event guests with excellent temporary bathroom facilities that offer a lot more than a typical portaloo. Although portable toilet hire is a reliable way to go when you need a temporary bathroom on-site, toilet blocks give you something closer to the real thing. For your workers or event attendees, a toilet block is a significant upgrade from a portaloo.

Flexihire will help you deliver the best temporary bathroom facilities to your construction project or community event with our competitive toilet block hire in Rocklea and Greater Brisbane. Explore Flexihire’s range of newly-built toilet blocks for hire from our Rocklea branch and get a quote by calling our team on 07 3279 6770 or click here

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Available Toilet Blocks Rocklea – Toilet Block Hire Rocklea Models and Sizes

Flexihire Toilet Blocks

Enjoy the perfect mix of affordability, customizability, and quality with our new range of Australian-made commercial toilet blocks. Flexihire now manufactures toilet blocks in three sizes so you can choose something appropriate to your needs. 

Product Features

All sizes of Flexihire toilet blocks come with the following features: 

  • Sandwich panel construction 
  • C2 wind rating for use in all regions of Queensland  
  • Points for crane lifting 
  • Options for sewer connections or built-in waste tank 
  • Hand rails and stairs for both male & female 
  • Access doors for male & female 
  • Interchangeable walls can be used to alter the number of toilets for men & women 
  • Tap wear with button stop function 
  • Anti-slip vinyl flooring 
  • LED lighting 
  • Double pole switches & breakers 

Select a Built-In Waste Tank

Choose lower running costs and greater convenience by optioning your toilet block hire with a built-in waste tank.  


  • Transport costs reduced by a single under-height load 
  • Greater convenience with fold-down stair landing 
  • It can be placed anywhere without needing sewer connections 
  • It can be easily installed and removed 
  • Messy accidents prevented by overflow alarms 
  • Overflows prevented by high-level alarm 
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Small Toilet Block


  • 3.6m long x 3.0m wide
  • 3 toilets & 1 urinal
  • Male & female stairs + hand rail on either end
  • Empty lifting weight 2.160 Tonne
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Medium Toilet Block


  • 5.4m long x 3.0m wide
  • 4 toilets & 1 urinal
  • Male & female stairs + hand rail on either end
  • Interchangeable wall
  • Empty lifting weight 4.2 Tonne
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Large Toilet Block


  • 6.0m long x 3.0m wide
  • 5 toilets & 1 urinal
  • Male & female stairs + hand rail on either end
  • Interchangeable wall
  • Empty lifting weight 4.8 Tonne
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Why Choose Toilet Block Hire?

When it comes to organising toilets for your construction project or community event, you’ll likely face a decision between portable toilet hire or toilet block hire. Regardless of which option you choose to go with, Flexihire has affordable and high-quality solutions for both, so either way, you’ll be in good hands.

While our toilet blocks cost more to hire than our portable toilets, they justify the extra cost through the additional benefits they bring. First and foremost, even the smallest toilet block is much more spacious than a typical portaloo offering greater comfort to occupants.

Among their various benefits, toilet blocks provide enhanced privacy for men and women by default. Also, the size and mass of toilet blocks mean that they’re very sturdy and nearly impossible to knock over, making them much safer for occupants.

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Why Choose Flexihire Toilet Blocks?

At Flexihire, we understand that you have different options to choose from when it comes to toilet block hire in Rocklea. Our toilet blocks have been newly designed specifically to cater to the needs of worksite and event operators like you.

Tapping into our decades of experience delivering equipment hire to events and construction projects in Australia, we’ve been able to engineer three types of toilet blocks with the features that we know our customers will value most. When you hire a toilet block from Flexihire, you’re getting a newly-constructed, high-quality product that has been created with the needs of customers like you in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a portable bathroom?

How much it costs to hire a portable bathroom depends on which type of model you want and the length of time you plan to use it. Additional services like refills and waste collection will also incur extra costs.

How much is portable toilet hire per week?

The weekly expense of portable toilet hire depends on the type of portable toilet you have selected. A more robust product with extra features is going to cost more than a basic model. You also need to consider the expense of additional services like waste collection, which needs to be done weekly.

What’s the difference between portable toilets and toilet blocks?

A portable toilet is a singular unit that has been designed for one person. A toilet block is an entire portable bathroom containing multiple toilets, urinals, and handwashing stations that multiple people can use simultaneously.

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