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Looking for Boom Lift hire in Rocklea? Flexihire makes it easy for anyone looking to hire equipment, across our extensive range of Boom Lifts and Cherry Pickers for hire. With a host of market-leading brands like JLG, Haulotte, Genie, Nifty and Snorkel, we cater for just about every height, reach and working environment requirement that you’ll encounter on the worksite. At our Rocklea location, you’ll find the full Flexihire range – including knuckle (articulating) booms and stick (telescopic) booms, including Cherry Pickers, Electric Knuckle Boom Lifts, Diesel Knuckle Boom Lifts and Diesel Stick Booms. Rough terrain is no problem either; we’ve got features available to make sure that you’ll be able to get your Boom Lift needs met, no matter the terrain. Remote worksite location? That’s no issue for Flexihire either; we’re  able to transport the Boom Lift to and from wherever you are. We can also help provide information about Boom Lift license requirements or other Boom Lift regulations, if necessary. Contact Flexihire today for your Brisbane Boom Lift hire solutions.

How Much to Hire a Boom Lift? 

It will depend on what model of Boom Lift you need and how long you need it for. We provide the best possible deal on reliable, well-maintained equipment to meet your jobsite needs – so to get a fast, accurate quote on Boom Lift Hire, simply give us a call on 07 3279 6770 or click here.

Do You Need a Ticket to Operate a Boom Lift?

Flexihire is committed to going above and beyond when it comes to Boom Lift safety. While Boom Lifts with a length of less than 11 metres don’t usually require a license, it is still a high-risk activity – so Flexihire requires everyone who hires a Boom Lift of any height or size to be aware of this risk and be harnessed into the machine. By signing the Flexihire Hire Agreement, the hirer agrees to ensure that the operator is competent to operate the equipment – which will include having the relevant certificate of competence if the Boom Lift is more than 11 metres.

How High Can A Boom Lift Go?

Each Boom Lift is designed with different usages in mind, and accordingly each will reach different heights and have different practical applications. For example, a Cherry Picker is typically designed to be used on flat, stable surfaces for functions such as tree lopping, painting or cleaning. An Electric Knuckle Boom Lift, by contrast, features an articulated arm which is used for reaching harder-to-access spots within an industrial context. At this time, Flexihire’s range currently includes Boom Lifts which reach from 10 metres to 38 metres, across a variety of different functions.

Are There Any Regulations For Operating A Boom Lift?

Any Boom Lift which goes higher than 11 metres will require a certificate of competency, which is issued via the OHS authority. However, a certificate of competency is not universal across all models and brands; make sure you consult your paperwork before deciding on a hire. Wind and weather restrictions are also important considerations. Boom Lifts must not be used outdoors if there is the possibility of a lightning strike. Additionally, more recent models will also specify wind speed restrictions on their operation, in order to protect the device and the people operating it. If the maximum wind speed is 12.5 metres per second, that means the Boom Lift is only for indoor use. Flexihire prides itself on its approach to safety and so also has several safety requirements above and beyond current standards. By signing the Flexihire Hire Agreement, the hirer agrees to ensure that the operator is competent for the task.

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