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When it comes to surface preparation and tools that polish, grind concrete surfaces or remove previous treatments, we’re often talking about work that is both difficult, strenuous and time consuming. Flexihire has a comprehensive range of tools and equipment to fit every step of the surface preparation process. Whatever the level of finish you are looking for.

At Flexihire, our mission is to remain price competitive without compromise on product quality. Prices will depend on the equipment required and the hire period. We offer daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rates depending on your project. If you are unsure of your requirements, please contact our hire team and they will be able to assist. We offer free advice and obligation free quotes, so call or email us today!

More efficient use of coatings – If a surface is prepped and ready to receive a coating or sealant, less sealant will be required. Without good prep, you may be disappointed in the results.
Renews Concrete – Concrete can look rough and worn over time. There are plenty of solutions for making concrete look like new again. A concrete grinder can remove the top layer that looks rough and prepares your concrete surface for the application of coatings, paints, or sealants.
Removes Stains – Stains are a very common complaint among those that have older concrete. Surface prep means that stains can be totally removed or covered, depending on the stain depth.
Ensures Quality Results – Uneven results can be caused by lack of surface prep. Long lasting, high quality results are only possible with proper preparation.

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Concrete Equipment Hire Rocklea
Concrete Equipment Hire Rocklea
Concrete Equipment Hire Rocklea
Concrete Equipment Hire Rocklea