Looking for a tool to help out on your latest landscaping project? We can help!  Excavators are versatile, handy tools that are useful on just about any job site or landscaping project. Dig trenches, footings or post holes as you need them – whatever your earth moving needs might be, you’ll be able to quickly meet them with the right excavator hire from Flexihire. Able to access difficult terrain with tracks similar to skid steer loaders, all Flexihire excavators are also offered as standard with a range of various size buckets and a tyne ripper.Flexihire offers a huge range of excavators – whether you’re after a 3.5T excavator, 5T excavator or 8T excavator , Flexihire will have you covered for the scale of your project. In f act, Flexihire offers Excavators all the way up to 14T.  And if you don’t need something quite on that scale, Flexihire also has a large range of mini excavators to tackle smaller jobs that might arise on the jobsite. Whatever your earth moving needs, Flexihire will be able to provide the right excavator for you. From our Rocklea location, we’re ready to provide the equipment and support you need.

How Do I Find The Right Excavator For The Job?

When you’re considering hiring an excavator, there are a few key considerations:

  • Site Access
  • Size of the area where the excavator will be working
  • Ground Composition
  • Digging Depth
  • Work that is required, including what needs to be moved and the attachments required.

As a broad rule, we recommend the largest machine that can access for your site, as it is typically the most efficient in the long run for both time and money. However, we understand that every jobsite is different – your local Rocklea Flexihire expert will able to discuss your specific requirements and recommend the right excavator for your particular needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Excavator?

The cost of hiring an Excavator will vary on the size and model you choose for your needs, as well as the length of time you require it for. We aim to provide the best possible deal on reliable equipment that’s ready to go when you need it most – so to get a fast, accurate quote on Excavator hire, simply give the experts at Flexihire a call on 07 3279 6770 or click here.

Do I Need A License To Operate An Excavator?

No. However, the site foremen must ensure that operators are considered competent to operate excavating equipment. Excavators are still specialised, sometimes dangerous equipment and the appropriate precautions must be taken. Competency can be determined in a number of ways, including a variety of previously issued certificates from former legislation, a statement of attainment, on the job training or in-house training. Our staff at Rocklea Flexihire can provide further information around the relevant requirements.

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Earthmoving & Landscape Equipment Hire Rocklea
Earthmoving & Landscape Equipment Hire Rocklea
Earthmoving & Landscape Equipment Hire Rocklea